In 1986, my friend Jeanne Johnson gave me “Hannah” my first Doberman. Hannah’s wonderful temperament and working drive introduced me to the obedience venues as we earned both our American and Canadian CDX titles. Hannah was bred to two different Damasyn dogs and produced two wonderful litters of good looking, outgoing pups with sound health as well as sound temperaments. Gracie, from Hannah’s first litter, also went on to earn her American/Canadian CDX titles. During this time, I was introduced to the sport of Schutzhund and decided that was what I would do with my next dog. I acquired  “Tess” , Renejade Power Play, and although she earned her SchH1 title it was clear that Tess could go no further in the sport. After doing some research, I found my dream dog in Koby vom Aurachgrund. With Koby’s solid temperament, solid nerve, and solid work ethic, together we excelled in the sport of Schutzhund. Koby earned her SchH III(286p), WD3, AD, FH2(96V). Koby was bred to Janis and Jim Toman’s UDC Champion Destiny’s Sunshine Santino SchH III, IPO 3, VCX, AFFB1A producing my “C” litter and the birth of vom Koby Haus Dobermans. This litter also produced my pride and joy “Case”… American Kennel Club/United Doberman Club Champion Chaos vom Koby Haus, SchH III, IPO3, ZTP, FH2, AD, VCX, CGC, TDI, WAC, ROM, CD, Multiple BOB, AKC Champion/SchH III # 7 in breed history! Koby’s second litter, the “D” litter, was by Jim vom Aurachgrund SchH III. This litter produced both Stella and Nemo.

Loel Turpin